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Le HCDH au Guyana (2006-2007)


Between mid 2004 - mid 2005, an international Human Rights Advisor was deployed to and integrated into the Social Cohesion Programme (SCP), with an aim at mainstreaming human rights within the work of the SCP and the UN Team (UNCT) and advising the Government on how to strengthen the human rights capacities of national institutions. Various activities were initiated, including human rights training for judges and the Guyana Police Force; support for NGOs human rights awareness campaigns; advising the Guyane Ministry of Foreign Affairs on treaty reporting and advising relevant national institutions on the drafting of legislation to protect the rights of indigenous people; persons with disabilities and persons living with HIV/AIDS. When the international Human Rights Advisor's mandate expired in June 2005, a junior national human rights advisor continued the implementation of these activities until December 2005.

An international Human Rights Advisor will be deployed to the UNCT Guyana in accordance with the Guyana UNCT Action 2 pilot proposal to work towards the above mentioned goals.


Programme 2006-2007


The Human Rights Advisor will strengthen the UNCT in its capacity to address the challenges facing Guyana 's human rights protection system - in order to help the UNCT to, in turn, enhance the national institutions' capacity to deal with human rights violations that, if not addressed, can imply a risk for escalating tension and conflict.

He/she will also help strengthen national legislation and protection systems for particularly vulnerable groups, such as persons with disabilities, persons living with HIV/AIDS and Amerindians, through providing advice and input into the ongoing national processes aiming at new legislation in these areas.

The Advisor will work to increase the Guyanese citizens' awareness of their rights, through supporting (i) a human rights education programme in primary and secondary schools; (ii) supporting a national human rights outreach effort - including on a local level - that will raise awareness of Guyane's human rights treaty obligations and the development of a strategy to follow-up on forthcoming treaty body recommendations and (iii) the dissemination of legislation relating to vulnerable groups. 


Résultats escomptés

The UNCT is enhanced in its capacity to contribute to a strengthened national human rights protection system that can address root causes of conflict and tensions.

The national human rights protection systems and legislation are strengthened, in particular with reference to vulnerable groups.

The public awareness of human rights is increased, which contributes to creating a human rights culture that can build trust between the Guyanese people and the Government.



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