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Chad and UN Charter-based Bodies

Chad and UN Treaty Bodies

Most recent concluding observations

Committee against Torture
Concluding observations (2022) CAT/C/TCD/CO/2

Human Rights Committee
Concluding observations (2014) CCPR/C/TCD/CO/2

Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination
Concluding observations (2013) CERD/C/TCD/CO/16-18

Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women
Concluding observations (2011) CEDAW/C/TCD/CO/1-4

Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights
Concluding observations (2009) E/C.12/TCD/CO/3

Committee on the Rights of the Child
Concluding observations (2009) CRC/C/TCD/CO/2

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OHCHR in Chad 

The Human Rights Advisor Unit was established in 2011 within the UN Country Team in Chad. In September 2016, the Government Chad and OHCHR agreed to establish a Country Office in Chad. The Chad Country Office, which is functional since 2018, advises and assists the Chadian Government in the development and implementation of human rights and gender policies, strategies, programs and measures to promote and protect human rights. It also provides consultancy services and technical assistance to the government and partners for the implementation of both regional and international human rights standards and monitors the human rights situation throughout the country. 

OHCHR expects to scale-up the Country Office (that will continue to be based in N’Djamena), by setting-up three sub-offices in Bol (West), Abeché (East) and Moundou (South-West) between 2019 and 2021. The Country Office will continue to provide technical assistance and capacity-building to the Government of Chad and relevant stakeholders, advocate for the promotion and protection of human rights, and conduct human rights monitoring activities. 

In addition, OHCHR will be deploying a G5 Sahel team composed of six staff to support the implementation of the compliance framework, in accordance with the UN Security Council resolution 2391 of 8 December 2017 and the Technical Arrangement between the G5 Sahel, UN and the European Commission of 23 February 2018 that will be embedded in the Chad Country Office. The compliance framework represents a new form of engagement by OHCHR to reduce the risks of harm to civilians that could be committed by the G5 Sahel Joint force (FC-G5S) during the conduct of its operations in all G5 Sahel countries, including Chad. The work of the country office and of the G5 Sahel team will be mutually supporting. More about OHCHR in Chad.

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