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Source: Nepal Chhantyal Association


Native Name

Total Speakers
According to the latest national Census 2011, of the total 11,810, as many as 4,283 Chhantyal speak their mother tongue.

Usage By Country
Chhantyal is one of the 59 indigenous peoples recognized by the government. They are largely concentrated in the western Nepal namely Myagdi and Baglung districts and recently spread in different parts of the country.

For centuries, they have been living alongside of slope of Dhaunlagiri Himalayan range all the way to Kaligandagi valley, working in the mines, opting agriculture and animal husbandry. Chhantyal have their own distinct culture, tradition, rituals, language, religion and lifestyle. Chhantyals follow Buddhist religion and animism. They believe on Shaminism. They worship on gods and goddesses including Barah, Kuldewata, Simebhume, Mandali and so forth, by offering them sacrificing chickens. Their occupation is mining and they specialize in mine exploration and mining. Chhantyal women are skilled in weaving woolen carpets, woolen blankets, Bhangro to name a few.

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