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Source: Nepal Baram Association


Native Name

Total Speakers
According to latest national census 2011, the population of Baram is 8,140.

Usage By Country
This language is in the verge of extinction. Even though their population is spread over 13 different district, the language of Baram, Balkura is spoken only in Takukot and Pandrung of Gorkha district.

Baram also known as Baramu, are one of the highly marginalized indigenous communities, of the 59 indigenous peoples recognized by Nepal government. They are scattered in different villages in Gorkha, Tanahu, Dhading, Makawanpur and Nawalparasi districts in Nepal. Although they have been immensely influenced by Hindu religion and culture, they have their own original culture and they are in fact, animists or worshipers of nature. They worship their family gods such as Chandi, Bhume, Forest gods and goddess. They have blind faith on their traditional Shaman who perform overall rituals, culture and do treat illness. Their main occupation is agriculture and animal husbandry.

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Checked 3/31/2014