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Source: Indigenous Media Foundation (Nepal)


Native Name
Bantawa rai, Kirawa Yang

Total Speakers
133,000 (2011)

Usage By Country
Nepal, India

Bantawa Rai people are originally from Bhojpur district, but they have now spread across Nepal. The traditions of this community are based on Mundhum, the oral religious utterance by priests and faith-healers. Beside Nepal, Bantawa is also spoken in Darjeeling and Sikkim (India). Bantawa belongs to Tibeto-Burman language family. This is the largest language spoken by any Rai sub-caste group. In Nepal, there is not a separate script of Bawantawa Rai language. But in Sikkim, Kripa-Salyan script is used. 'Bunkhawa' magazine promotes Bantawa Rai mother tongue in Nepal.

Received 8/24/2015
Posted 8/31/2015
Checked 8/24/2015