​​​​​How we make a difference 2022

A new Youth Advisory Board champions youth engagement
The launch of the first-ever UN Human Rights Youth Advisory Board at the global level commits to promoting young people’s right to participation in human rights work.
Attacks against people with albinism are hate crimes - UN albinism expert
The Independent Expert on human rights and albinism, Mukuka-Anne Miti-Drummond, urges States to recognize brutal attacks against people with albinism as hate crimes and harmful practices, and enact laws to protect them.
International art contest to highlight minority artists work on statelessness
The Minorities Artists Awards on Statelessness organized by UN Human Rights, UN Refugee Agency and the NGO Freemuse, will provide a global platform for minority artists to highlight their work on statelessness.
Seeds: central to people’s food systems, cultures and human rights
In his latest report, Michael Fakhri, Special Rapporteur on the right to food, focuses on how seed systems are central to the realization of the rights to life and food.
"If we stay silent, the violence continues"
The COVID-19 pandemic has fuelled anti-Asian racism. The #StopAsianHate movement calls to show up, speak out and rebuild societies that celebrate and include everyone.
Interactive dialogue on the situation of human rights in Myanmar
Speaking to the Human Rights Council, the High Commissioner described a "profound crisis" in human rights across the country.
Experts: States must stop failing children and strengthen family reunification
“A child who is separated from her or his family is at greater risk of suffering violence, abuse and neglect,” said Michele Bachelet, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, at a high-level virtual panel discussion on family reunification at the 49th Human Rights Council’s annual full-day meeting on the rights of the child held in Geneva, Switzerland.
High Commissioner briefs Human Rights Council on Belarus
The High Commissioner's report detailed the persecution and arbitrary detention of protestors, as well as crackdowns on media. She called for genuine and inclusive dialogue.
Experts: End disproportionate detentions for drug arrests
The UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention has called for the closure of all State- and privately-run mandatory drug treatment facilities and the release of all persons detained for drug use or possession for personal use only. “Drug dependency and use must not be treated as a criminal matter but rather a health issue,” said the Group’s Chair Elina Steinerte.
Voices for Action against Racism
On the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (21 March), we encourage people everywhere to raise their voices and mobilise against all forms and manifestations of racial discrimination and injustice, and to contribute to ensuring a safe environment, both off and online, for those who speak up.
UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet visits Kabul, Afghanistan
The spirit, tenacity and unquenchable desire of Afghans for their human rights to be protected – and for their children to inherit a peaceful law-abiding land – is palpable. Afghans will decide their future and it is for us in the United Nations and for the international community to support all efforts to promote all human rights for all the people of Afghanistan.
“I stand with the women and girls of Afghanistan”
Afghan women need to be at heart of peacebuilding, humanitarian and development processes if Afghanistan is to find peace and progress, UN Human Rights Chief says during a mission to Kabul.
Environmental human rights defenders must be heard and protected
“Every day, environmental human rights defenders face abuse, threats and harassment for their work addressing the triple planetary crisis of climate change, pollution and nature loss,” said Michelle Bachelet, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, during a high-level virtual event co-organized by Sweden and UN Human Rights.
Global Update: Bachelet urges inclusion to combat "sharply escalating misery and fear"
Global Update: Bachelet urges inclusion to combat "sharply escalating misery and fear" Michelle Bachelet updated the Human Rights Council on major human rights issues in more than 25 countries.
Ukraine: High Commissioner cites "new and dangerous" threats to human rights
Speaking at the Human Rights Council's urgent debate on the crisis in Ukraine, High Commissioner Bachelet outlined "massive impact" on the human rights of millions of people across the country.
Standing with all women and girls at the heart of climate justice
On International Women’s Day, we recognize the women and girl human rights defenders who are at the forefront of environmental and climate justice movements around the world, demanding rights and urgent action for our environment, and leading collective efforts for equality and against all forms of oppression, to the benefit of our climate, our world, and all our societies.
Bachelet calls for strong leadership at moment of "profound gravity"
Opening the Human Rights Council, the High Commissioner said "remarkable progress" made over two decades in every region is in jeopardy. She called for strong action to uphold international law and human rights.
Bachelet urges immediate halt to Russia’s attack on Ukraine
Russia’s military action against Ukraine clearly violates international law, puts at risk countless civilian lives and should be immediately halted, UN Human Rights Chief says.
Better data collection bolsters human rights of marginalised people
UN Human Rights is calling for a data revolution -- prioritising leveraging data to confront human rights challenges. “We are in the midst of a data revolution that could radically improve the way we use data to better understand human rights concerns and risks, assess progress, monitor human rights, hold governments, businesses and individuals accountable and foster sustainable development,” said UN Assistant Secretary-General for Human Rights Ilze Brands Kehris.
Combatting corruption and illicit financial flows
High Commissioner Bachelet called for more robust systems for accountability, transparency and integrity to address corruption and illicit financial flows– and announced that detailed, human rights-based guidance will soon be available
Young activist sets up bank to tackle poverty and environmental damage
When José Quisocala noticed children in his native Peru living in poverty and environmental squalor, he opted to do something to help. At age seven he founded a bank that uses money raised from recycled waste collected by children to create accounts for customers to pay for things like food and school fees.

Roberto Garretón Merino: A life in service of human rights
UN Human Rights Chief, Michelle Bachelet, colleagues and friends pay tribute to Roberto Garretón Merino, Chilean lawyer and long-time defender of human rights, following his passing.
A young conservationist is planting corals to restore the South Pacific Ocean
Titouan Bernicot, a marine conservationist from French Polynesia, has been working to restore depleting coral reefs in the South Pacific Ocean. “Corals are the rainforest of the seas, the ocean lungs. They are so important for our planet well-being and for us as humans,” he says.
HC calls for decisive action as hate speech grows worldwide, exacerbated by COVID-19
Speaking to the Italian Senate's Extraordinary Commission against intolerance, racism, anti-Semitism and incitement to hatred and violence, the High Commissioner recommended specific reforms to build policies and narratives that emphasise our common humanity and rights.
Bachelet outlines funding needs required to support her “agenda of rights”
UN Human Rights Chief, Michelle Bachelet, launches a USD 400.5 million funding appeal for 2022, urging States and private donors to support her “agenda of rights” through her Office’s 103 field presences, staff at headquarters, and global partners.
Bachelet calls for increased support for women to participate in peace
Speaking to the Security Council, the High Commissioner said that in Afghanistan, Sahel countries, Myanmar and elsewhere, violations of women's rights “significantly undermine global efforts to prevent conflict and sustain peace.”
Creating a safer and more meaningful space for young human rights defenders
Benedict Bryan is a young human rights defender from Trinidad and Tobago. He’s working to ensure a more empowering space for young people to speak about and exercise their rights.
“The web was created for everyone, regardless of their gender”
UN Human Rights and the Web Foundation have partnered on an initiative to close the gender gap in the digital sphere.