Human rights goes digital in Tajikistan

The Tajikistan government has created a streamlined digital platform providing the public with access to information on human rights issues impacting their country.

Launched earlier this month, the website was produced with the support of the UPR Trust Fund and the UN Human Rights Regional Office for Central Asia. The Office provided technical support and expertise on content development.

“The website will provide information to all stakeholders on the Commission’s performance and monitoring of Tajikistan’s obligations under the UN human rights treaties,” said Sharaf Karimzoda, Deputy Chair of Tajikistan’s Department on Human Rights Guarantees.

The new human rights tool offers the public access to human rights reports submitted to the UN Committees and relevant content, in Tajik and Russian, about the engagement of Tajikistan with the UN human rights mechanisms and recommendations received from the Office.

The website will not only keep track of the progress of the country’s implementation of its international human rights obligations, but provide individuals and civil society organisations a direct entry point for submitting comments to the Tajik government.

Elisabeth da Costa, UN Human Rights Regional Representative for Central Asia, said the website will ensure transparency and accountability, as well as contribute to the expansion of democratic space.

“The website is a positive step in terms of the State’s obligation to disseminate these recommendations and ensure a platform for dialogue with civil society,” she said.

19 February 2016

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