Country visits

The Working Group undertakes country visits at the invitation of the Government with the aim of examining the situation of discrimination against women in law and in practice at the national level, identifying good practices in the elimination of such discrimination, and making recommendations to the Government to improve the protection of women's human rights.

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Since 2012, the Working Group has conducted 18 country visits. Find the list of those visits with links to reports, comments and follow up documentation in the table below.

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Year Country Report, comments by the state End of mission statement Follow-up
2020Romania A/HRC/47/38/Add.1 End of mission statement 
2019Greece A/HRC/44/51/Add.1   
2018Poland A/HRC/41/33/Add.2 A/HRC/41/33/Add.4  
Honduras A/HRC/41/33/Add.1 A/HRC/41/33/Add.3
(Spanish only)
2017Chad* (Annotated Version)
Samoa A/HRC/38/46/Add.1  
2016Kuwait A/HRC/35/29/Add.2 A/HRC/35/29/Add.3 
Hungary A/HRC/35/29/Add.1 A/HRC/35/29/Add.4 
2015United States A/HRC/32/44/Add.2  Letter from the working group (2017)
Reply from civil society organizations (2019)
Senegal A/HRC/32/44/Add.1 A/HRC/32/44/Add.3
(French only)
Relevant documentation
2014Spain A/HRC/29/40/Add.3  Relevant documentation
Peru A/HRC/29/40/Add.2 A/HRC/29/40/Add.5
(Spanish only)
Relevant documentation
Chile A/HRC/29/40/Add.1 A/HRC/29/40/Add.4
(Spanish only)
Relevant documentation
2013China A/HRC/26/39/Add.2  Relevant documentation
Iceland A/HRC/26/39/Add.1  Relevant documentation
Tunisia A/HRC/23/50/Add.2  Relevant documentation
2012Moldova A/HRC/23/50/Add.1  Relevant documentation
Morocco A/HRC/20/28/Add.1  Relevant documentation