Comments on legislation and policy

Special procedures mandates of the Human Rights Council, such as the Working Group on the issue of discrimination against women and girls, can intervene directly with Governments on allegations of violations of human rights and concerns about legislation and policies that fall under their mandates by means of letters which include urgent appeals, allegation letters and other letters, referred to as “communications”. Learn more about the communications process of the Special Procedures, including on how to submit information to the Working Group.

Interventions of the Working Group via communications deal with allegations related to laws, policies or practices that discriminate against women and girls in general, and allegations of human rights violations on cases involving an individual woman or girl, or a particular group of women and girls.

The totality of the letters sent by the Working Group since its establishment in 2011 and replies received from Governments can be accessed on the following link.

Communications by the mandate to States on national laws, regulations, policies, and practices (known as ‘other letters’) are made available below.

Communications on national laws, regulations, policies and practices


  • 10 Dec 2020 - Bill on regulation of termination of pregnancy - OL ARG 4/2020
  • 13 June 2018 - Bill on the legalization of abortion - OL ARG 3/2018



  • Changes to the sexuality education curriculum of the Province of Ontario - OL CAN 4/2018


  • 28 July 2017- Bill on the decriminalization of abortion under certain circumstances - OL CHL 1/2017

Criminalisation of adultery in 33 countries


  • 31 August - Bill 5272: serious inconsistencies with human rights standards, affecting in particular the rights of women, girls and LGBTI people - OL Guatemala 12/2018


  • 12 September 2018 - Decertification and defunding of gender studies programmes -
    OL HUN 6/2018  

International Association of Athletics Federations

  • 18 September 2018 - Regulations regarding eligibility for the female classification (athletes with differences of sex development)
    OL OTH 62/2018  


  • 22 October 2018 - The "Pillon decree" and spaces for women in Rome - OL ITA 5/2018



  • 15 August 2018 - Supreme Court decision on the inclusion of gender equality in school curricula OL Peru 2/2018  


  • 30 January 2018- Bill on the restriction to safe abortion services - OL POL 1/2018



  • 18 January 2019 - Bill on equality in inheritance rights - OL TUN 1/2019

United States of America