Girls’ activism: accomplishments, challenges and opportunities for social change - 65th session of the Commission on the Status of Women

19 March 2021
9.00a.m.-11.00a.m. EST
14.00p.m.-16.00p.m. CET


Across all regions in the world, girls and young women are mobilizing to lead change on some of the most critical global issues and have courageously stood at the forefront of progress and development. Despite their incredible potential as agents of change, girls and young women still face violence, marginalization, discrimination, lack of economic opportunities and unequal access to resources. The United Nations Human Rights Council’s Working Group on Discrimination against Women and Girls will dedicate its 2022 thematic report on the impact and potential of girls’ and young women’s participation, activism and collective action. This year’s CSW65 priority theme on “Women’s full and effective participation and decision-making in public life, as well as the elimination of violence, for achieving gender equality and the empowerment of all women and girls” will represent an opportunity to put young women’s participation, activism and collective action on the CSW’s agenda.


The Working Group on Discrimination against Women and Girls would like to convene this event to highlight the importance of girls’ and young women’s participation, activism and collective action as an essential precondition for building sustainable, peaceful and just societies. The event will look at the contribution and transformative potential of girls’ and young women’s activism, as well as obstacles to participation. The event will further identify transformative approaches in the policy-making and decision-making processes by various actors to promote girls’ and young women’s effective participation at the local, national and international level. The outcome of the event will inform the thematic report on girls’ activism that the Working Group will present to the Human Rights Council in June 2022. This virtual event will be held on Zoom Webinar on Friday 19 March from 9 a.m to 11 a.m. EST/14.00-16.00 CET

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Ensuring that girls and young women have access to decision-making and policy-making spaces is key to shaping a more sustainable and just future for all. The purpose of the event is to provide an enabling space for girls, young women activists and all relevant partners to discuss:

  • Accomplishments of girl and young women activists and networks, and challenges that girls face in engaging with decision-makers,  promoting their agendas and organising collectively;
  • The support needed by girls and youth-led initiatives to meaningfully participate in formal and informal processes;
  • How CSOs as well as feminist and women’s rights movements can better support youth-led initiatives;
  • What changes should be introduced at the different public and political spaces to enable girls’ and young women’s involvement and participation;
  • Good practices in providing spaces for girls to engage in formal political processes.


  • Ivan Šimonović, Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Croatia to the UN in New York, opening remarks
  • Ivana Radačić, member of the Working Group on Discrimination against Women and Girls, moderator
  • Sofia Scarlat, girl activist from Eastern Europe
  • Mariana Reyes, girl activist from LAC region
  • Samantha Chidodo, girl activist from Africa
  • Rose Hayahay, young indigenous leader from Asia
  • Imogen Senior, girl activist from WEOG region
  • Jona Claire Turalde, advisor at FRIDA, the Feminist Fund