Human rights and the regulation of civilian acquisition, possession and use of firearms

The Human Rights Council, in its resolution 29/10, requested the High Commissioner to submit a report on the different ways in which the civilian acquisition, possession and use of firearms have been effectively regulated, with a view to assessing the contribution that such regulations make to the protection of human rights, in particular the right to life and security of person, and to identify the best practices that may guide States to further develop relevant national regulation. The report (A/HRC/32/21) is available here.

The Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights requested input from States, United Nations agencies, international organizations, national human rights institutions and non-governmental organizations based on a questionnaire. Inputs received from stakeholders are available below.

Contributions from States

* received late and not considered in the report

Contributions from United Nations agencies and International Organizations

  • International Small Arms Control Standards Inter-Agency Support Unit 1-2

Contributions from National Human Rights Institutions

Contributions from Non-Governmental Organizations