How to share information about cases of intimidation and reprisals

To get started, read our quick guide on submitting information about reprisals:

The following mechanisms have developed ways to address and respond to allegations of intimidation and reprisal against those cooperating with them or with the UN in general.

UN body/mechanism

Contact information

Human Rights Council

NGO Liaison team of the Human Rights Council Secretariat:

Universal Periodic Review

UPR Secretariat:

Special procedures mandate holders

You can submit using the on-line submission form and/or respective mandate email address (see list of email addresses) or through the Urgent action email address: urgent-

Treaty Bodies

Allegations of cases of intimidation and reprisals may be addressed to the UN body or mechanism where the cooperation took place. They can also be reported directly to to facilitate coordination and follow-up. Other secure channels of communication are available upon request.  Alleged cases and patterns can be reported throughout the year.

Please note that the informed consent of the alleged victim is a prerequisite for the information to be reported and for any action to be taken.