Racial discrimination in the context of nationality, citizenship and immigration: Report

​The Special Rapporteur’s 2018 report to the United Nations Human Rights Council is now online.
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Special Rapporteur on Contemporary Forms of Racism

The Special Rapporteur dedicated her first thematic report to the topic of racial discrimination in the context of laws, policies and practices concerning citizenship, nationality and immigration.

The report reviews contemporary racist and xenophobic ideologies as well as institutionalized laws, policies and practices, which together have a racially discriminatory effect on individuals' and groups' access to citizenship, nationality and immigration status. 

The report also draws attention to how ethno-nationalists and other groups manipulate anxieties about national security and economic prosperity to advance racist and xenophobic policies against indigenous peoples, non-nationals and other minority groups. 

The report urges Member States to comply with international human rights standards in implementing laws and policies regarding citizenship, nationality, and immigration and fulfil their obligations to achieve substantive racial equality. 

The report was presented at the 38th session of the United Nations Human Rights Council. 

Call for submissions

To inform her report, the Special Rapporteur invited relevant stakeholders (including national and international non-governmental organizations, national human rights institutions, States, inter-governmental organizations, United Nations agencies and entities, activists and academics) to provide inputs and share their views.

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