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Country visit to Malaysia: inputs received

14 June 2019
Submissions available below
Issued by:
The Special Rapporteur for extreme poverty
To inform the country visit to Malaysia


The United Nations Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights, Philip Alston, conducted an official country visit to Malaysia from 13 to 23 August 2019 at the invitation of the government. His visit focused on the links between poverty and the realisation of human rights in Malaysia.

This report will be presented at the 44th session of the HRC in 2020.

Inputs received

While all submissions were welcome, and the questions below were by no means exhaustive, the Special Rapporteur was grateful for comments that addressed topics such as:

  • The nature of poverty and inequality in Malaysia, including how poverty is or should be defined and measured, its prevalence, and its distribution.
  • The major challenges and human rights-related problems facing people living in poverty.
  • People disproportionately impacted by poverty, including women, children, minorities, non-citizens, and people living in urban and rural areas.
  • The impact of poverty on civil and political rights, as well as on economic, social and cultural rights such as the rights to health, housing, food, education and social security.
  • The impact of environmental issues and climate change on people living in poverty.
  • The role of infrastructure and development projects; international financial institutions; the management of public finances; and multinational or domestic corporations in relation to poverty.
  • Regions, provinces, districts, or cities in Malaysia that the Special Rapporteur should visit because of their particular relevance to poverty and human rights.
  • Individuals and organizations with whom the Special Rapporteur should meet during his country visit.

The inputs received are available below:

UN agencies and international organizations

Civil society organisations



Public Institutions