Resource Collection on Human Rights Education and Training

As a contribution to the United Nations Decade for Human Rights Education (1995-2004), OHCHR has developed a specialized public-access Resource Collection on Human Rights Education and Training, which is part of OHCHR Library.

The material includes:

(i) Trainers’ guides, handbooks and manuals to integrate human rights into professional practices and to enhance human rights awareness among specific groups (for example the police, prison officials, medical professionals, women, minorities, indigenous peoples, etc.);

(ii) Teaching resources to incorporate human rights in the education system through, for example, textbooks, curricula and guidelines for teachers/educational administrators;

(iii) Pedagogical tools for use with children and adults, such as picture books, cartoons and games;

(iv) Material focusing on human rights education issues at the local, national, regional and international level;

(v) Reports/papers on human rights education conferences and seminars;

(vi) Reference material (bibliographies and directories) and audio-visual material for human rights education;

(vii) Documents and correspondence received since 1995 from all actors in the context of Decade activities;

(viii) OHCHR’s Worldwide Collection of UDHR Materials.

Detailed information concerning the Collection material is available and searchable through OHCHR Library catalogue.