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Tackling illegal adoptions and addressing the rights of victims
(8 March 2017 – 34th session of the HRC)

Tackling the demand for the sexual exploitation of children
(7 March 2016 – 31st session of the HRC)

A call for an empowering, inclusive and safe digital environment for children
(9 March 2015 – 28th session of the HRC)

Protection of children from sexual exploitation in the context of major sports events
(11 March 2014 – 25th session of the HRC)

Transnational cooperation and corporate social responsibility: enablers for protection of children from sexual exploitation in travel and tourism
(6 March 2013 – 22nd session of the HRC)

Protection of children from sale and sexual exploitation following humanitarian crisis due to natural disasters (PDF)
(8 March 2012 – 19th session of the HRC)


Guidelines for Industry on Child Online Protection

Terminology Guidelines for the Protection of Children from Sexual Exploitation and Sexual Abuse

Information about the mandate for children

Child-friendly booklet on the mandate
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Child-Fact sheet on the mandate
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