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The B-Tech Project provides authoritative guidance and resources for implementing the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human rights (UNGPs) in the technology space. In 2019, UN Human Rights launched the project after consultations with civil society, business, States, and other experts about the scope of the B-Tech Project.

The B-Tech project is structured along four strategic focus areas:

  • Focus Area 1: Addressing Human Rights Risks in Business Models
  • Focus Area 2: Human Rights Due Diligence and End-Use
  • Focus Area 3: Accountability and Remedy
  • Focus Area 4: “A Smart Mix of Measures”: Exploring regulatory and policy responses to human rights challenges linked to digital technologies

Adding to this, the project also explores the responsibilities of investors in the technology space, as a cross-cutting theme.


Project documents

Foundational papers

As part of on-going consultation with key stakeholders, the B-Tech Project has published foundational papers. These papers are written for leaders from across the technology sector, investor community, civil society, and government seeking to understand the key features of the UNGPs. The series is being released to frame discussions among diverse stakeholders as part of a global process to produce guidance, tools and practical recommendations to advance implementation of the UNGPs in the technology sector.


Blog posts

Community of Practice

Interpretive advice

Event, meetings, etc.

This section includes certain events and other types of meetings related to the B-Tech Project and in which OHCHR took part or is planning to take part, and which can be made public. If you would like to notify the B-Tech Project team of, or invite us to, relevant events, or propose organizing  an event with us, please contact OHCHR-B-techproject@un.org.




Additional information

OHCHR consultation on the practical application of the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights to the activities of technology companies
​7-8 March

​Multi-stakeholder consultation on “Engaging Policy Makers on Tech Regulation using the UNGPs”, organized by the UN Human Rights B-Tech Project, the Centre for Democracy & Technology’s Europe Office and the Geneva Academy
​14 September 2021
​Summary note
UN B-Tech Leadership Dialogue: Technology executives in dialogue with the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights: The role of business leaders in advancing corporate respect for human rights9 December 2021
Virtual Meeting note
Internet Governance Forum 20218 December 2021
Virtual Recording
Summary note
B-Tech consultation on gender, digital tech and the role of business8 December 2021
Virtual Concept note
Business and Human Rights Annual Forum 2021
30 November 2021
Hybrid (Palais des Nations, room XVIII and on Zoom) Concept note
Summary note
Multi-stakeholder consultation on access to remedy in the tech sector 23-24 September 2021
Hybrid (Palais des Nations, room XVIII and on Zoom) Concept note and agenda
Session 3 case studies for discussion

Video recordings:

Consultation report (summary)

Geneva Academy and OHCHR expert consultation on the State duty to protect 18 February 2021
Virtual Agenda and concept note
Summary note
EU-NGO Human Rights Forum 2020 9-10 December 2020
Virtual Panel discussion
Video recording
Business and Human Rights Annual Forum 202016 November 2020
Virtual Panel discussion in cooperation with GANHRI
Video recording
Internet Governance Forum 20206 November 2020
Virtual Open Forum: "Upholding Rights in the State-Business Nexus: C19 and beyond"
Video recording
Summary note
UNGPs 10+ and UN B-Tech dialogue on investment and human rights29 October 2020
Virtual Summary note
Chatham House, Consultation on Access to Remedy5 October 2020
Virtual Program
International Corporate Accountability Roundtable Annual Meeting28 September 2020
Virtual Program
RightsCon Online
July 2020
Virtual Panel on addressing business model related human rights risks (information note)
SwissNexJune 2020
Virtual Geneva Talks: Humanitarians and Technologists, Unite! exploring the symbiotic relationship between technology & humanity (event details and recording)
The Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution at the World Economic Forum & OHCHR two-day workshop on human rights due diligence and end-useMarch 2020 (postponed due to Covid-19)
Virtual Draft agenda and concept note
The Carr Center for Human Rights Policy & OHCHR expert meeting on addressing human rights risks in technology company business models24 February 2020
Agenda and concept note
2019 Internet Governance ForumNovember 2019
Berlin Concept note of the Open Forum Session
2019 UN Forum on Business and Human Rights SessionNovember 2019
Switzerland Concept note
12th Asia Human Rights ForumOctober 2019
South Korea Agenda of the Forum
Concept note of sessions 4, 5 and 6
Case study for session 6
OHCHR Southern Africa Sub-Regional multi-Stakeholder ConsultationSeptember 2019
South Africa Concept note and agenda
RightsCon TunisJune 2019
Tunisia Summary report
Introductory remarks
Human Rights, Big Data and Technology Project & OHCHR Expert Meeting on the technology sector and access to remedy through non-State-based grievances mechanismsJune 2019
Tunisia Agenda and concept note
Summary report


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UN Human Rights B-Tech: Panel discussion on Human Rights risks in tech business models