Elections of Treaty Body Members

Treaty Bodies Elections

Each Treaty body is composed of independent experts of recognized compe­tence in human rights, who are nominated and elected for fixed, renewable terms of four years by State parties. The elections of half of the committees’ members are staggered every 2 years to ensure a balance between continuity and change in committee composition. All elected members serve in their personal capacity.

The committees with no limit on terms of membership are CERD, CMW, CAT, CESCR, HRCttee, CEDAW and CRC.

CED, CRPD and SPT are the committees in which members can only be re-elected once.

In accordance with General Assembly resolution 68/268, States are encouraged to give due consideration to equitable geographical distribution, the representation of different forms of civilization and the principal legal systems, balanced gender representation and the participation of experts with disabilities, when nominating independent experts for committee elections [paragraph 13]. The resolution also reaffirms the importance of the independence and impartiality of members of the human rights treaty bodies [paragraph 35]. Moreover, the resolution reiterates the importance of an equitable gender representation within the treaty body membership as stipulated in the human rights instruments [paragraphs 12, 13 and 35]

For more detailed information on the elections of the treaty bodies, refer to frequently asked questions, the Handbook for the Treaty Body members and the Addis Ababa Guidelines.

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Date of elections and deadline for nominations 2022/2023

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