General discussion on land and the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights

Geneva, 14 October 2019 – Palais des Nations, room XVII

Objective of the general discussion

During its 66th session, the Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights will hold a day of general discussion on land and the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights. The discussion day is part of a consultative process in the context of the drafting of a general comment thereon. While the Committee has had a number of informal consultations with interested parties on this project, the discussion day will provide an opportunity to receive inputs from a wider range of stakeholders.


The day of general discussion will revolve around questions relating to rights and States obligations under the Covenant, as well as specific issues such as the protection of security of tenure, land rights and conflicts, markets and financialisation, family farming, and changing environmental conditions.

Date and venue

The full day event will take place during a plenary meeting at Palais des Nations, room XVII, on Monday 14  October 2019, 10am – 1pm and 3pm – 6pm. Interpretation will be provided in the working languages of the Committee (English, French or Spanish).


Representatives wishing to participate the meeting should request accreditation by 13 October 2019 via the UNOG’s conference management platform. The number of persons per organization may be limited due to the constraints of space.

Oral interventions

It is envisaged that during the general discussion, time will be allocated for oral statements and for discussion. Participants wishing to make an oral statement should indicate the intention to do so by email to by 10 October 2019. Statements will be limited in time, taking into account their scope and the total number of requests. In any case, they should not exceed 3 minutes.

Although the Committee will try to accommodate all requests, it cannot guarantee that all speakers may be able to do so given the time constraints.

Written contributions

The Committee also invites written inputs in advance of the general discussion. Written contributions should be sent electronically in Word format to the Secretariat ( Submissions should be in one of the working languages of the Committee (English, French or Spanish) must not exceed 5 pages and be transmitted by 10 October 2019. The Secretariat will not be in a position to translate the written submissions.


Following the discussion, the Committee’s rapporteurs for the draft general comment will consider the information obtained as they develop a draft, which will be presented to the Committee for a first reading in closed session.



Country-specific information