Country Offices/Stand-alone Offices

OHCHR country offices/stand-alone offices are established on the basis of a standard agreement between OHCHR and the host government. The mandate of a country office/stand-alone office includes human rights observation, protection, technical cooperation activities and public reporting. Activities of a country office are developed in consultation with the concerned government, based on an assessment of human rights concerns and the capacity of national and international actors involved in human rights work, as well as on the most effective means available to OHCHR for addressing gaps. Country and stand-alone offices are mostly funded by voluntary contributions.

Country offices vary in size, depending on the phase of deployment and the nature of the work undertaken. They report annually to the High Commissioner, and their reports are presented to the Human Rights Council in accordance with their mandate either independently or as part of the High Commissioner’s report.

In 2020, UN Human Rights had offices in Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Colombia, Syria, State of Palestine, Tunisia, Yemen, Ukraine, Chad, Guinea, Niger, Liberia, Sudan, Uganda, Mauritania, OHCHR Structure in Seoul, Cambodia.

Activities by country offices include monitoring, public reporting, provision of technical assistance, and the monitoring and development of long-term national capacities to address human rights issues.

Details on the individual field presences can be found in the relevant sections of the Office Management Plan 2018-2021.

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Country/Stand-alone Offices


* Reference to the State of Palestine should be understood in compliance with UNGA resolution 67/19.

OHCHR Field Presences
Country and regional support
Contact Information

Field Operations and Technical Cooperation Division (FOTCD)
All contacts are in Geneva, Switzerland.

Africa Section
Tel. +41 22 928 9360

Middle East and North Africa Section
Tel. +41 22 917 9777

Asia Pacific Section
Tel. +41 22 928 9650

Europe and Central Asia Section

Americas Section
Tel. +41 22 928 9248

Peace Missions Support and Rapid Response Section
Tel. +41 22 917 9220

National Institutions and Regional Mechanisms Section
Tel. +41 22 928 9467

Coordinator Voluntary Fund for Technical Co-operation
Tel. +41 22 928 9287

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