UN Human Rights in Syria


The Syria Office enjoys a full mandate to protect and promote human rights. The Office monitors and reports on the human rights situation in Syria, seeking in particular to highlight emerging human rights concerns and provide early warning analysis. The Office regularly provides legal analysis of the evolving and complex situation in Syria.

In addition to monitoring and analysis, the Office provides coordination, capacity building and technical support to Syrian civil society.

The Office supports the humanitarian leadership in each of the hubs of the Whole of Syria Approach (Damascus, Amman, Gaziantep) with the aim of strengthening the integration of human rights across the humanitarian response of the United Nations.

The Syria Office is based in Beirut, Lebanon and operates remotely due to restricted physical access to the country.

Type of engagement
Country Office
Year established
Field offices

UN Human Rights Focus Areas

Thematic pillars
  • Accountability: Strengthening rule of law and accountability for human rights violations
  • Development: Integrating human rights in sustainable development
  • Participation: Enhancing & protecting civic space and people's participation
  • Peace and Security: Early warning, prevention & protection of human rights in situations of conflict & insecurity
  • Prevention
  • Global constituency
  • Civic space
  • Inequalities
  • People on the move
Spotlight populations
  • Women

Last reviewed: May 2021

Contact Information


Field Operations and Technical Cooperation Division (FOTCD)
Contact is in Geneva, Switzerland.

Middle East and North Africa Section
Tel. + 41 22 917 9777


OHCHR Office for Syria (based in Beirut)
OHCHR, 8th Floor, Arab Bank Building, Riad El Sohl, Downtown Beirut,

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