UN Human Rights in Belarus


The Senior Human Rights Adviser works with the UN Country Team (UNCT) to integrate human rights into its programmes and activities; provides technical advice to national institutions; supports national level cooperation with UN human rights mechanisms and conducts human rights capacity-building for a range of governmental and non-governmental actors.

Type of engagement
Human Rights Adviser
Years of deployment
2018 - 2021
Field offices
Number of staff
Annual budget needs
US$ 823,000

Areas of Focus

The Senior Human Rights Advisor has supported the Government of Belarus in implementing  its Interagency Human Rights Plan, which includes measures to implement recommendations made to Belarus during the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) and by Treaty Bodies.. More broadly, the Advisor seeks to support national level cooperation with UN Human Rights Mechanisms.

It is envisaged that the Senior Human Righs Adviser will provide support in the elaboration of the second National Human Rights Action Plan of Belarus, to be adopted in 2021.

Work has begun on supporting Belarus in anti-discrimination education for legal professionals, governmental authorities and businesses. Support will be also provided on reducing stereotypes and improving local level dialogues with the Roma community and on issues of relevance for women victims of violence and persons with disabilities.

The Senior Human Rights Adviser provides support towards a comprehensive review of legal aid legislation in Belarus, and, through partnerships with NGOs and Bar associations, supports the provision of free legal aid services for vulnerable groups.

The Senior Human Rights Adviser will continuie working on alternatives to detention for drug related offences, and is supporting a comprehensive assessment of the national drug policy, which will form the basis for further technical assistance in this area.

The Senior Human Rights Adviser will also work with partners and a range of stakeholders to promote increasingly effective oversight in places of detention and alternatives to detention, particularly for those who have not committed criminal offences.

Promoting dialogue with civil society, including human rights defenders and journalists, will also be a focus of UN human rights work in the country. 

Partners and Donors

Partners: UN agencies, international and regional organizations, Government of Belarus, civil society.

Donors: UNDG Human Rights Mainstreaming Fund.

UN Human Rights Focus Areas

Thematic pillars
  • Mechanisms: Increasing implementation of the international human rights mechanisms outcomes
  • Accountability: Strengthening rule of law and accountability for human rights violations
  • Non discrimination: Enhancing equality and countering discrimination
  • Participation: Enhancing & protecting civic space and people's participation
  • Inequalities
  • Civic space
Spotlight populations
  • Persons with disabilities

Last reviewed: November 2020

Contact Information


Field Operations and Technical Cooperation Division (FOTCD)
Contact is in Geneva, Switzerland.

Europe and Central Asia Section
Email: ecasection@ohchr.org

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