The Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR, or UN Human Rights) has its main operations located in Geneva, Switzerland. Its headquarters is located in the historic Palais Wilson building, with additional facilities at Giuseppe Motta Avenue, close to the Palais des Nations, home to the United Nations European Headquarters.

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New York

The New York office (NYO) represents human rights issues on behalf of OHCHR at the United Nations headquarters in NY.  The NYO is headed by the Assistant Secretary-General for Human Rights.

The principal objective of the NYO is to integrate human rights into policies, discussions and decisions made at UN Headquarters, including by engaging with Member States, intergovernmental bodies, UN agencies and departments, civil society organizations, academic institutions and the media.

In the field

The Office implements its work at the national and regional level, which includes the provision of advisory services and technical cooperation, in accordance with the High Commissioner's mandate.

The Office operates through two main types of field presences: stand-alone offices and collaborative arrangements.

  • The first category is composed of country and regional offices, which are under the direct supervision of OHCHR.
  • The second category consists of field presences with double reporting lines:
    • human rights components of Peace Missions, which report to the Head of the mission and the High Commissioner, and
    • Human Rights Advisers (HRAs), who report to resident coordinators and the High Commissioner.

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